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Training Programs

Defensive Driving / Professional Driver Improvement


The Defensive Driving program is a nationally recognized driver improvement program developed by the Canada Safety Council, for the benefit of drivers and employers of personnel who operate passenger size vehicles as part of their work tasks.


Student Course

Defensive Driving Student Course

Course lengthASC Member FeeNon-member Fee
1 day $105.00 $125.00
Locations and Dates

January 8,2018
February 26,2018


Key Elements

  • Principles and Foundations of Defensive Driving
  • The Driver (Dealing more with Attitude)
  • Dealing with Intersections & Right of Way Regulations
  • How Passing may Lead to Collisions and Related Psychology
  • Aggressive Drivers and How to Avoid Being One

All students who participate in the DDC program and pass the knowledge exam with 80% or better and have a valid Alberta Drivers License will qualify for a 3 point demerit reduction on their license (this must be applied for at any registry office)

Managers, fleet safety officers and administrators are encouraged to ensure that staff members who drive company vehicles; or drive personal vehicles on company business, complete a Defensive Driving Course at least every two years, as part of their due diligence in the promotion of corporate safety.


Course dates are subject to change. Courses will be cancelled if registration is below the minimum number of registrants.
On-site training at your facility is available: call the office for more information - 1.800.301.6407 or 780.462.7300


Instructor Training

DDC/PDIC Instructor Training Course

Course lengthASC member feeNon-member fee
5 Days  Call office for costs Call office for costs

 Locations and Dates


Feb 26 - Mar 2,2018

Course dates are subject to change. Courses will be cancelled if registration is below the minimum number of registrants.

Key Elements

The Instructor Course provides presenters with the tools necessary to effectively impart critical information to participants in an effort to help them minimize and/or eliminate the potential risk involved in operating a commercial vehicle on Canadian roads. Candidate Instructors will participate in a full, one-day student program and move into instructional content for the balance of the four days. During this time they, will plan and practice-teach from the Canada Safety Council′s Defensive Driving Course curriculum.

Program discussions will focus on:

  • motor vehicle operation
  • new technologies
  • collision involvement
  • statistics
  • driver attitude
  • company policy
  • general safety issues
  • instructional techniques of delivery, principles of adult learning, presentation skills and facilitation practices.

Successful completion of the Defensive Driving and/or Professional Driver Improvement Instructor (DDC / PDIC) course means that you will be certified to teach both the Defensive Driving and Professional Driver Improvement courses. The Alberta Safety Council and the Canada Safety Council will certify successful candidates – they will receive an Instructor Certificate and be recognized provincially and nationally as an Instructor in the program. An Instructor Kit with the Instructor Manual, a program DVD, PowerPoint presentation, participant workbook and accompanying course forms and documents is given to instructors.

Instructor Recertification

Defensive Driving/Professional Driver Instructor Recertification  


Defensive Driving &/or Professional Driving Improvement Instructors must recertify every two years and teach a minimum of two courses every year to maintain their certification.

To recertify please contact the office.


How to Register



Edmonton: (780) 462-7300 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 301-6407


Visit our main office during regular office hours to register. 

Pre-registration is required for all ASC courses.*


*(except childrens Scooter drop-in)

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation / Re-schedule Policy

more than 30 days before
course start date:

30 days to 15 days before course
start date:
Less than 14 days til
course start date:
day of course:

- you may re-schedule course
one time with no fee

- any subsequent re-schedule is subject to
10% admin fee

-cancellation is subject
to 25% admin fee

 - re-schedule is subject to a 25% admin fee

- cancellation is subject to a 25% admin fee

 - not eligible for refund

- not eligible for re-schedule

 - a no-show is not eligible for
   a refund



**The ASC reserves the right to cancel any course should there be insufficient registrations. A full refund of fees shall be made should circumstances beyond the ASC's control require a course cancellation.

**A stop-payment does not constitute notice of withdrawal from a course nor does it constitute a cancellation/refund request.