Sun, Feb 18, 2018

Large Employer Certificate of Recognition (COR)

If the company has more than ten employees, at least one employee MUST participate in the Health and Safety Program Building course. After completing the required course the employee returns to their company and implements a health and safety program as per training.

 Large Employers are required to have an External Auditor conduct an audit for certification or renewal of a COR. It is the responsibilty of the company to hire the external auditor. The ASC provides a list of certified external auditors to assist with this process.

The completed audit is submitted to The Alberta Safety Council and then sent to the auditor reviewer for quality assurance review. This review ensures the auditor has followed the appropriate guidelines and has provided sufficient validation and has conformed to the standards set by Partnerships and The ASC.


Achieving COR

When the audit meets the 80% standard set for COR Certification Audits, and the quality assurance score meets the 80% standard, a Large Employer Certificate of Recognition (COR) will be issued to the company. When the company achieves their COR, an invoice for the COR Maintenance and the Quality Assurance Review fee will be issued along with the Certificate of Recognition.

Maintaining COR

The COR is typically valid for three years and in the second and third year, a maintenance audit must be submitted to the Alberta Safety Council on or before the anniversary date in order to maintain current COR status. Failure to submit an audit every year will result in cancellation of the COR. The Internal or maintenance audit can be completed by an External Auditor or by an employee of the company after they have participated in the Internal Auditor Training course. The audit tools used at the ASC are question and answer with a score, not just a yes or no answer as the small employer audit tool is, so there is a slightly more complex process involved.

COR Refresher

Large Employers who have chosen to train an employee as an internal auditor are required to send that internal auditor for retraining once every three years by attending a 1 day refresher workshop to receive updates on the program and ensure the most current copy of the Quality Assurance Manual and audit tools are in use.

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