Sun, Feb 18, 2018

Preventing Workplace Violence

Whenever workplace violence happens, an employee suffers harm.  This makes preventing and dealing with incidents of physical and verbal abuse an important component of Occupational Health and Safety.

Being aware of and understanding the causes and occurrences of workplace violence is the first step towards eliminating, or at least preventing, violent incidents on the job.

This course will build your understanding of the types and causes of workplace violence and prepare you to recognize the signs of possible violence.  You will learn to deal with actual situations and take steps towards creating a violence-free workplace.


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Preventing Workplace Violence

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In this workshop you will analyze potentially violent situations, develop plans to control them and put into practice real-life applications.

By taking conscious steps towards eliminating violence, you will make everyone in your site feel safer. Participants will leave this course with the tools to:

  • Understand workplace violence;
  • Understand legislation regarding workplace violence;
  • Assess the risk of violence;

Preventing Workplace Violence is an engaging, interactive workshop designed to include you in the learning process as much as possible.


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