Sun, Feb 18, 2018

Training Programs

Motorcycle Street Skills Training

Motorcycle Street Skills Training is your formal initiation into sharing the road with cars and trucks, and managing traffic, traction, and all-weather conditions. You will use your own bike and embark on an enlightening weekend of riding multiple different scenarios!

Taught in a small group setting, our very experienced and certified riding instructors will take you carefully through the city on day 1 and then you will hit the Hi-ways for day 2.

Course Information

Street Skills

Course LengthFee
2 Days (16 hrs) $325

Locations and dates


May 26 & 27, 2018
June 09 & 10, 2018

 Key Elements

  • Low, medium & high density traffic
  • Gravel, steel grated bridges
  • Hill, curves, off-cambered roads
  • Group riding, passenger riding, Hi-way riding


Rider Gear Requirements

A valid drivers license is required for Street Skills. Students must bring their own motorcycles and have the following gear:

  • An approved motorcycle helmet (DOT Snell)
  • Full fingered leather gloves
  • Sturdy jacket and pants (leather, denim (at a minimum), or specialized riding gear)
  • Eye protection (eyeglasses, sunglasses, visor or face shield on helmet)
  • Leather boots that cover the ankle bone



How to Register



Edmonton: (780) 462-7300 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 301-6407


Visit our main office during regular office hours to register. 

Pre-registration is required for all ASC courses.*


*(except childrens Scooter drop-in)

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation / Re-schedule Policy

more than 30 days before
course start date:

30 days to 15 days before course
start date:
Less than 14 days til
course start date:
day of course:

- you may re-schedule course
one time with no fee

- any subsequent re-schedule is subject to
10% admin fee

-cancellation is subject
to 25% admin fee

 - re-schedule is subject to a 25% admin fee

- cancellation is subject to a 25% admin fee

 - not eligible for refund

- not eligible for re-schedule

 - a no-show is not eligible for
   a refund



**The ASC reserves the right to cancel any course should there be insufficient registrations. A full refund of fees shall be made should circumstances beyond the ASC's control require a course cancellation.

**A stop-payment does not constitute notice of withdrawal from a course nor does it constitute a cancellation/refund request.