Sun, Feb 18, 2018

Training Programs

This Program is available to students who have successfully completed the Alberta Safety Council "Gearing Up" program and who wish to rent a motorcycle to attempt their class 6 road exam.

Renting one of our fleet motorcycles is convenient and will save you time and money! 
Our rental motorcycles are small and light and easy to handle. 
You will start and end your road test from our main training site.

* To attempt a road test with one of our bikes, you must be at least 18 yrs of age.

Rental Information

Class 6 Rental    Honda-CB-300

Test LengthBike Rental Cost
45 min $75

How it works

Step 1.
Go to any registry and write the written portion of your Class 6 license test.
For the road test permit you MUST go to Armour registry and book your road test.
(don't forget to mention that you are renting one of our bikes and that you took the training with the ASC so as to get a discount on the road test permit)

Step 2.
Bring your road test permit along with your knowledge test back to the ASC to book a road test.
You will need to provide the following to book your road test:

  • Road test permit
  • knowledge test
  • credit or debit card to pay for rental

Step 3.
Be at the ASC at least 45 minutes prior to your road test timing for paperwork and practice time. There will be an instructor available if you have any questions and for minor coaching.

NOTE: prior to the road test, you will be supplied with a 2-way communication ear piece. It is highly recommended that your helmet be a full-faced or a 3/4 shell to accomodate the ear piece.

Rental Bikes

Honda-CB-300Kawasaki KLX250

Honda CB300                                                              Kawasaki KLX 250

Armour Registries

5738 75 Street
Edmonton, AB