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Gearing Up (Beginner Motorcycle Training)

Don't just get a licence: LEARN TO SURVIVE!

If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, we will teach you the best methods to control your bike using our nationally accredited and provincially licensed training program. We are Alberta's most established and largest motorcycle training provider. The Alberta Safety Council has trained over 28,000 students in Alberta and the Northwest Territories since 1974. Our motorcycle training season runs from April to September. 


Beginner Course

Gearing Up - Beginner Motorcycle Riders Course

Course lengthFee

2.5 Days

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"Awesome experience. I signed up because I had very little experience but I would recommend this course to ALL riders. - Scott Z

Choose from the options below:

    • Monday - Wednesday
      Monday & Tuesday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
      Wednesday: 8:00am to noon

    • Friday - Sunday
      Friday: 6:00pm to 9:30pm
      Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am to 5:00pm


    Locations and Dates


          2018 Gearing Up courses!!

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    We integrate instructor-led classroom learning with extensive practical training.  During your training in our  "Gearing Up" course we supply the motorcycles.  Tuition tax credit is available to all students who attend this basic course.  This course is the most proven and recognized training method in Canada.

    Key Elements

    We will take you through all the basics (80% riding practice and 20% classroom):

    • Motorcycle controls  
    • Starting the engine
    • Clutch operation
    • Balance and slow-speed control
    • Shifting gears
    • Higher-speed control
    • Cornering techniques
    • Effective braking control
    • Collision avoidance strategies

    Rider Gear Requirements


    Rider Requirements:

    Although we provide the motorcycles for Gearing Up, students are required to bring their own riding gear which includes:

    • An approved motorcycle helmet (DOT, Snell, ECE R22-05) **snowmobile helmets,skull caps not acceptable.
    • Full fingered leather gloves
    • Sturdy jacket and pants (leather, denim (at a minimum), or specialized riding gear)
    • Eye protection (eyeglasses, sunglasses, visor or face shield on helmet)
    • Leather boots/hiking boots that cover the ankle bone. (as little heel as possible is best)
    • Please be aware that Jeggings, (whille very stylish), which look like jeans but are a stretchy material are not acceptable.


    Q. How far in advance should I register? Will a deposit hold my spot?
    A. If you can only take the course on the weekend then the sooner you can finalize a date you should book, as the early spring weekends sell out very fast! If you can come to one of our weekday courses then they are easier to get into so the pressure to book early is not as high.
    In regards to fees, the whole amount is due at the time of registration.

    Q. Do I need my Class 6 learners before I take the course? Do I need a driver's license to take the course?
    A. You do not need to have your class 6 learners before taking our course. As well, you do not even need to have a license. You must be at least 16 yrs of age though to take Gearing Up. ** If you are planning on having a motorcycle class 6 license as your very first license, please check with AB Transportation as to how that will affect you graduating from the GDL.

    Q. Can I use my own bike for the lessons?
    A. Unfortunately no. Insurance reasons mandate that you use one of our training bikes.

    Q. Will I have my motorcycle license at the end of the course? How do I get it?
    A. This course will not give you a license when it is complete. All Albertans MUST pass a road test with a registry agent to receive a class 6 endorsment. You can attempt your road test with any registries for the class 6 exam. If you are successful at our course we can rent you a road test bike and you can work with our dedicated registries agent to attempt your class 6 exam. The exam would start and finish from our training site, just not on the same weekend that you finish your course with us.

    **due to weather or examiner availablity, road tests with our dedicated registry are not guaranteed as we move into late September.

    Q. Will there be a test at the end of the course?
    A. Yes. All students will be put through a skills evaluation on the final day. You must display basic motorcycle skills to obtain the Canada Safety Council Gearing Up certificate. If you are unsuccessful at the skills test you may come back, and at no charge, attempt the evaluation again.

    Q. Will we do any on-road practice?
    A. No. At this time there is no on-road portion to this course.

    Q. Do we offer scooter lessons, if not who does?
    A. We do not offer scooter lessons at this time. We are not sure if anyone does but call around to the other schools to see if they offer them. FYI our Gearing Up course would still be a VERY good way for someone to learn  excellent safety scooter skills. Most motorcycling skills would transfer to a scooter rider except for learning how to use a clutch.


    How to Register





    Edmonton: (780) 462-7300 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 301-6407


    Visit our main office during regular office hours to register. 

    Pre-registration is required for all ASC courses.*


    *(except childrens Scooter drop-in)

    Cancellation Policy


    Cancellation / Re-schedule Policy

    more than 30 days before
    course start date:

    30 days to 15 days before course
    start date:
    Less than 14 days til
    course start date:
    day of course:

    - you may re-schedule course
    one time with no fee

    - any subsequent re-schedule is subject to
    10% admin fee

    -cancellation is subject
    to 25% admin fee

     - re-schedule is subject to a 25% admin fee

    - cancellation is subject to a 25% admin fee

     - not eligible for refund

    - not eligible for re-schedule

     - a no-show is not eligible for
       a refund



    **The ASC reserves the right to cancel any course should there be insufficient registrations. A full refund of fees shall be made should circumstances beyond the ASC's control require a course cancellation.

    **A stop-payment does not constitute notice of withdrawal from a course nor does it constitute a cancellation/refund request.

    Class 6 study Guide

    All Albertans must pass a Class 6 road test
    with a registry agent to receive their class 6
    endorsment. Before you attempt the road test
    you need to pass the written portion first. Please
    find attached the study guide to help you on your way :)



    "Great learning experience. The instructors were great, they gave you feedback on what you did wrong and what you did right. They made the learning environment fun and safe."

    "Having never been on a bike, to come here and learn how to ride and become more confident is fantastic! Thank you for all the time and effort put into this course"


    " The personal feedback and help was so useful! It helped me go from feeling like a terrible biker to feeling confident when I get on a bike".

             Kristiann McCool

    "Was skeptical going into the course if it would be worth the money. I was extremely happy with the course and the instructors. Worth every penny."

              Aaron Walker