Sun, Feb 18, 2018

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Pedestrian Traffic Safety Program (For Schools)

This is a 90 minute program geared towards 4 to 7 year old children. Role playing is used to teach kids important safety rules while they are "walkers" and "drivers" on the streets of Kiwanis Safety City, using battery powered scooters.

Safety City is a collaboration between variouis Kiwanis Clubs in Edmonton and The Alberta Safety Council. Believing that every child has the right to come home safely, the Kiwanis Safety City was designed for young children (4-7 yrs old) to be able to practice their safety skills in a fun, interactive hands-on environment.

Kiwanis Safety City features a miniaturized traffic and pedestrian site. Life-size operational traffic lights, railroad and pedestrian crossings and scaled-down buildings donated by supporting corporations all give our site the look and feel of an actual working city.

Course information


Course LengthFee
single- 90 minutes
double- 2.5 hrs


1)Our Kindergarten class came on May 21st from 1-2:30pm. Tthe students really enjoyed the learning experience.  The class instructor was animated and kept the children engaged in learning the theory portion of being a safe and aware pedestrian.  The scooters were a great hit!  Thank you for providing a great program.  That is why we come back year after year!

2)We really enjoyed our visit to Safety City, particularly the outdoor
and classroom portions of the program! The next day at school, the
children brainstormed everything that we learned! we came up with quite
a list. It was a wonderful learning opportunity! Thank You!

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School Info pdf (*important, please read*)

How to Register



Edmonton: (780) 462-7300 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 301-6407


Visit our main office during regular office hours to register. 

Pre-registration is required for all ASC courses.*


*(except childrens Scooter drop-in)